Cafe La Maude

With cafes abound in Big Cities; there is always a few “Best Kept Secrets” to add to your short list.  Well one Parisian and Lebanese inspired spot, Café La Maude, located in the heart of a Northern Liberties in Philadelphia is serving up some of the best food in town!  No only has owner Nathalie Richan won my belly, but she has also taken the reigns of some A-list critic’s taste buds such as Craig LaBan.  The Phantom reviewer dined there in March stating “I love this smart little breakfast-bruncher” and “I can’t resist”!  Richan keeps her generation old recipes under wraps as she continues to add droolable dishes to her growing menu.

When I asked Nathalie about the magic ingredients that make her dishes my obsession….her response “love, love, bitching, and love”…..and you can taste it in every bite!  She prides herself on each dish being made to order with the freshest local ingredients.  Don’t forget her traditional French ‘viennoiseries’ Croissants and pastries from Au Four nil and other local bakers, the’ll truly bring you back to Paris.

Part of the draw of this local spot is the loving family style treatment Nathalie and her husband Gaby dish out from the moment you walk in the door.  This place is like cheers, spend a few days here and everyone including other diners will know your name!

Cafe La Maude, 816 N. Fourth St., 267-318-7869.

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