RED Sole Unicorn

For over 20 years the infamous Paris-based designer Christian Louboutin has been cranking out his sexy red stems giving us vertically challenged dames an emotional and physical lift.  However if you possess an endowed backside, if you have a normal foot arch and not one that duplicates that of a professional dancer you could be in trouble. Coming from quite the collector, who at 5-2″, has a backside, and would look terrible in a tutu, I am on a constant quest for that white unicorn (or red hoofed unicorn) the comfortable Louboutain.  This is for the middle girls, not you kitten heel-toting ladies, or you club vixens, but for the mainstream chicks.  Fashion is meant to be worn; loved, cared for, and worn again…after all “you can’t take it with you” right? So if you’re like me bound and determined to make your Louboutains daily drivers and a staple in your wardrobe, look no further!  Forget those 160mm (6.29921 inch) if you plan on taking more than 10 steps a night, click those red-soled heels together in victory and add these jems to your spring shopping lists!

Arakna 100mm

Bianca 120mm

Decollete 554 Strass 100mm

Martel Wedge 140mm (hoping they bring it back)

christianlouboutin-arakna-lamaisonvie christianlouboutin-bianca120_Lamaisonvie christianlouboutin-decollete554-lamaisonvie christianlouboutin-martel140_Lamaisonvie