Frozen DIY

Looking for fun ideas to spruce up that dinner party, summer party, or garden soiree.  Here are some simple DIY ways we have put to the test. Not only do these bring in color, but they also take your theme a bit further and add some creative elements.

Try putting edible flowers in your ice cubes for your cocktail station or to chill your champagne.  Fill mini balloons half way to put in a beverage tub (it takes a good amount of freezer space but it’s a hit for kids!)  Or save your square orange juice containers, cut the top off and make a cooler for wine or vodka.  Good design is in the details, check out these other fantastic frozen elements…..they’re sure to get noticed!

garden-party-ideas-flower-ice-cubes-cocktails-1 wine-cooler-diy-frozen-party-ideas-2 wine-cooler-diy-frozen-party-ideas-1 wine-cooler-diy-frozen-party-ideas  berry-popsicle-martha-stewart-stick-popsicle garden-party-ideas-flower-ice-cubes-cocktails-champagne Balloons-Frozen-ice-tub-party-ideas wine-party-ideas-flower-ice-cubes-cocktails-1 party-ideas-balloons-frozen-cocktails-1 frozen-stars-fruit-ice-party-ideas garden-party-ideas-flower-ice-cubes-cocktails-1 garden-party-ideas-flower-ice-cubes-cocktails Party-balloon-ideas-frozen-diy-2 Party-balloon-ideas-frozen-diy