Jonathan Adler Spring Pics

Today I sauntered through Jonathan Adler, one of my favorite boutiques in the Old City district of Philadelphia.  From his Sea Salt Candle (my obsession) to his vases these jems are sure to get noticed in your living room.  Here are my “Top Spring Pics” from Jonathan’s collection to add that extra pop!

Sea Salt Pop Candle

Shell Table Lamp


Dora Maar Urn

Brown And Gold Agate Coasters

Bel Air Gorge Vase

Brass Tic Tac Toe Set

Grey Nixon Salt & Pepper Shakers

Richard Nixon Alpaca Throw

Brass Mr. & Mrs. Muse Place Card Holders

Animalia Coasters

Jonathan-Adler_nixon-throw Jonathan-Adler_salt-and-pepper jonathan-adler-sea-salt-pop-candle-lamaisonvie-philadelphia brass-namecards-Jonathan-Adler-la-maison-vie-1 tick-tac-toe-johnathan-adler Bel-Air-Mini-Scoop-Vase-Jonathan-Adler-la-maison-vie agate-coasters-Jonathan-Adler-la-maison-vie-Philadelphia shell-lamp-Jonathan-Adler-la-maison-vie-Philadelphia Jonathan-Adler-la-maison-vie-Philadelphia-store Dora-Maar-Urn-Jonathan-Adler-la-maison-vie-Philadelphia Jonathan-Adler-la-maison-vie-1 Xbench-Jonathan-Adler-la-maison-vie-1 Dora-Maar-Urn-Jonathan-Adler-la-maison-vie-4 Dora-Maar-Urn-Jonathan-Adler-la-maison-vie-3 Dora-Maar-Urn-Jonathan-Adler-la-maison-vie-1


Available at: Jonathan Adler 33 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

(215) 574-1999